Bangladeshi Wasfia Nazreen is the second most noteworthy top on the planet

Everest winning mountain dweller Wasfia Nazreen turned into the primary Bangladeshi to arrive at the highest point of the world’s second most elevated top K-Tour. News AFP.

Iran’s Afsaneh Hesamifard, Lebanese-Saudi Nelly Attar and Pakistan’s Samina Baig won K-2 with Wasfia Nazreen on Friday (July 22). They each turned into the primary climbers from their separate nations to overcome K-2.

39-year-old Wasfia began her excursion to the highest point of the K-Tour last July 17. The campaign is driven by 3 of the world’s most grounded and most well known mountain climbers – Mingma Tenji Sherpa, Mingma David Sherpa and Nirmal Purja, supported by Reneta Limited. No Bengali had gone to this top previously. Indians are restricted from climbing the K-To highest point. Notwithstanding, the quill of triumph came to Bengali’s home.

In June, Wasfia posted on her web-based entertainment, ‘Everybody will know my good tidings from Islamabad. The fantasy I have been pursuing for the beyond a decade is going to work out. After the freedom of the country, I turned into the main Bangladeshi to get a mountaineering and journeying grant gave by the public authority of Pakistan over the most recent 50 years. Many individuals merit gratitude for this. However, before that I should get some rest in light of the fact that a long two months in length venture is ahead.

She likewise composed, ‘The situation feels like a fantasy. I’m pleased with myself since I never surrendered despite the fact that I was told ‘absolutely no chance’ right in front of me. I’m thankful to my companions from Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and the United States for offering me this chance subsequent to getting through numerous difficulties.

Wasfia gave a post on Facebook even before the beginning of the excursion. He said, ‘We are walking to win the K-Tour this evening under the administration of Nimsdai, Mingma Tenji Sherpa and Mingma David Sherpa. On the off chance that all works out positively, the uplifting news will go in close vicinity to seven days. Regardless of whether there is no information, realize that I am fine. I’m with the most grounded group worry don’t as well. Simply supplicate hard for me. Love to all of you.’

K-2 is the second most noteworthy mountain on the planet after Everest. It is the most elevated pinnacle of Karakoram range. 5 of the world’s mountains over 8000 meters are in Pakistan. Getting over them is a definitive accomplishment for any mountain dweller.

Till date no mountain climber from Bangladesh has endeavored the Ketu highest point. Just 425 individuals have arrived at its highest point beginning around 1954. Up until this point just 18 ladies in the entire world have figured out how to climb the Ketu top. After this, 10 additional names have been added today. Wasfia was added to that rundown. Perhaps of the most troublesome and hazardous top on the planet is simply easy to climb, however there are likewise numerous deterrents from the public authority of Pakistan. In the wake of winning all that, Wasfia fled of Bangladesh at the highest point of the fantasy.

Prior, Wasfia turned into the second Bangladeshi lady to overcome Everest on May 26, 2012. After that he additionally vanquished the seven most elevated pinnacles of the seven mainlands (Seven Summits) as the principal mountain climber of Bangladesh.