Bangladesh Academy started its journey in Venice, Italy

Bangladesh Academy started its journey in Venice, Italy

Bangladesh Academy started its journey in Venice, Italy

The journey of ‘Bangladesh Academy Venice, Italy’ has started to spread the red-green light in Venice and bring Bengali education within the reach of diaspora children.

The expatriates said that this institution can play a unique role in the normative research, maintenance, control and advancement of Bengali language and culture and higher knowledge in Italy.

Bangladesh Consulate General Milan MJH Javed inaugurated the school on Sunday (July 24) in the presence of expatriate community leaders,

students, teachers and school management committee members in a local hall in Marghera, Venice, Italy.

He said that his consulate center is committed to provide all kinds of support to spread Bengali language, culture, literature, culture, tradition and history of Bangladesh among the new generation of children.

He also opined that the development of diplomatic relations through culture is one of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s plans.

Sonia Islam, a girl teacher from Old Dhaka, presided over the event. For the last five to six years, he has been working tirelessly to teach Bengali to children in Marghera City, Venice.

Headmistress Suma Saha in her speech urged all children to be interested in learning Italian as well as Bengali. He illustrated his schooling experience in Bangladesh.

Moderated by Azad Khan and Jummon Anik, chief entrepreneur Prof. Sour Dasgupta, engineer Sejuti Dasgupta, university researcher Animesh Kumar Gain,

Sharif Mridha, Shahadat Hossain, Mohammad Ali, poet Monir Uddin, president of Triviju Bangla School Kamrul Hasan Russell, Venice Awami League president Idris spoke. Howlader, Prince Howlader etc.

Despite having a thousand wishes in the busy life of expatriation, parents cannot give their children a full understanding of Bengali language culture and the history of the country.

Because the time that can given to children; It is very inadequate.

Expatriates get very little time to give an idea about the history, culture and traditions of the glory of Bangladesh. Moreover, the description of history and culture usually requires some formal education.

  • In diaspora, there are very few countries where schools have established in Bengal, but in many places they are still on paper or even if they have started, they have stalled.
  • However, another Bengali school named ‘Venice Bangla School’ in Italy has been working with reputation in education and sports for the last 17 years.
  • Consul General MJH Javed’s wife Sonia Sharmin was present on the occasion. He has vast experience in the teaching profession in the country. They have 2 children aged 13 and 6, who live in Milan where the father works.
  • He said that there is no Bengali school in the city of Milan, where the children of expatriate Bangladeshis can study.

It is important for community people to come forward in this regard. Because Bengali schools can play an important role in spreading Bengali language, culture and history among the new generation.

It is very important to spread the Bengali language and culture among the new generation to spread the red-green light in the world and to present the reflection of our glorious history in the court of the world. The new addition to this row is the ‘Bangladesh Academy Venice’ school.🔱