Baking carries a grin to anybody’s face

Tulip Kabir heads the specialized group at the Meteorological Office in London and works with profound fixation at her work station. She could be concentrating on the environment on Mars or assembling a few convoluted information from space on the effect of weather conditions down here. Also, this equivalent young lady works with equivalent focus on utilizing buttercream to decorate her cupcakes with customary and unpredictable jamdani plans.

Tulip Kabir is from Bangladesh yet has settled with her family in the UK. She stays a Bangladeshi on a basic level, loves wearing saris and utilizations customary adornments plans, mehndi designs and jamdani themes to finish her cakes.

She gained baking as a kid from her mom. Her dad was a teacher of structural designing at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Her mom would prepare a wide range of cakes for their birthday celebrations Tulip actually recalls the delight of offering the cakes to her companions. In the wake of finishing school in Dhaka, she got back to London where she was conceived, completed her A Levels and chose to concentrate on medication.

Yet, she wasn’t excessively energetic about cutting up bodies thus changed her arrangements. She grew an interest in clinical hardware, picture handling and such and got owned up to Surrey University in the UK. In any case, there she altered her perspective once more lastly got her college degree in electrical and electronic designing.

She did her post graduate investigations in portable and satellite correspondences and labored for a couple of years at the Surrey Space Center. Then from Surrey Technologies, in 2008 she joined the Met Office. In 2011 she turned into the top of the specialized group there. She was the first and, till now, the main Bangladeshi in this renowned expert position.
During her meeting, she was informed that it would be necessary for her to work at NATO, however causing them a deep sense of shock, she dismissed this condition. The Met Office authorities later inquired as to whether she could prepare and this time Tulip was shocked to find out about the baking society in her Met Office group. Following nine months of muddled strategy, she was at last given the gesture to join.

Work started. She joined the innovation group. After the progress of their most memorable task, she was told to heat a cake and carry it to office. It was custom for the most youthful individual from the group to do this. She heated a heavenly vanilla cake canvassed in buttercream frosting, finished off with the top of a moose made with chocolate. They were flabbergasted at her office and the top of her group took a piece of the cake to the CEO. He expressed that prior to eating the cake, he snapped a photo of it and sent it to his better half.