At the shopper level, the cost of LPG chambers went up

Following two months, the cost of LPG rose again at the customer level. The cost of a 12 kg chamber expanded by Tk 12 to Tk 1,254. The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) has accused the debasement of the dollar against the dollar.

The cost of melted petrol gas-LPG is likewise changed consistently in accordance with the global market.

Following this, BERC reported the new cost of LPG at a virtual public interview on Sunday (July 3). Accordingly, the cost of LPG was fixed in July by expanding one taka for every kg when contrasted with the earlier month. Thus, the cost expanded by Tk 12 for every 12 kg and remained at a limit of Tk 1,254 at the purchaser level. BERC executive Mohammad called attention to that the explanation for the expansion in the cost of the dollar against the dollar. Abdul Jalil.

Notwithstanding, the inquiry is, the amount BERC orders are being agreed with on the lookout? As a rule, the client needs to follow through on more than the proper cost. The issue came to the notification of the commission director and individuals at a virtual public interview. Simultaneously, the obligation of controlling the market likewise falls on the shoulders of the customers.

Prior on June 2, BERC marked down the cost of 12 kg LPG chamber by Tk 93 to Tk 1,242 at the shopper level.

In the mean time, the BERC has expanded the cost of autogas in vehicles by 55 paise per liter to 56 rupees 48 paise.
Moreover, on May 5, the cost of LPG per 12 kg chamber was diminished by Tk 104 at the confidential level.

The public authority has discounted the cost of LPG by Tk 50 to Tk 1,016 for January this year.

The cost was expanded by Tk 72 in February. In March, it was expanded to Tk 1,391. In April, the cost was additionally expanded by Tk 48 to Tk 1,439.