Assault preliminary of Greek cruising mentor starts as Me Too makes progress

The case is one of numerous that became exposed after Sofia Bekatorou, a previous Olympic cruising gold award champ, broke the untouchable on standing up on such matters in December 2020.

Bekatorou, who is an observer at the preliminary, didn’t address journalists as she showed up at the town hall on Wednesday.

Triantafyllos Apostolou, 38, who outed himself in a paper talk with last year, purportedly assaulted a 11-year-old competitor in 2010.

Bekatorou has said that she, at the end of the day, was exposed to “inappropriate behavior and misuse” by a senior organization part after preliminaries for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She was 21 at that point.

Her disclosures provoked different ladies to stand in opposition to being attacked, and over three years after it began in the US, the MeToo development was brought into the world in Greece.

Over the previous year, charges of rapes endured by female competitors, understudies, writers and entertainers have surfaced. A portion of those standing up say they were still minors when the attacks occurred.

  • Bekatorou got the supposed casualty the current preliminary, with her assent, to the consideration of examiners in January 2021.
  • The supposed casualty says that when she was 11 years of age she had a few non-consensual sexual experiences with her mentor who is currently being investigated.

The denounced utilized sexual yet additionally mental brutality against the minor with the goal that she would not uncover her assault to her folks”, as indicated by the examiner.

In a meeting last year, the suspect guaranteed the sex was consensual and that he expected to wed the young lady.

We were to be hitched and her mom had concurred, the mentor told Proto Thema every day.

Bekatorou, who won a gold award at the 2004 Athens Olympics, said the maltreatment she most definitely endured couldn’t be brought to court as it happened over 20 years prior thus fell external the legal time limit.

Be that as it may, her activities have as of now achieved change. The Greek state head, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has commended Bekatorou for standing up, saying her choice brought issues to light of the issue.

The moderate government has as of late presented harder punishments for sexual victimizers and broadened the legal time limit for the maltreatment of minors. The specialists have likewise set up a web-based stage for revealing episodes continuously and phone helplines for casualties.

Since the start of the school year in September, sex instruction courses including the idea of assent – have been educated in state funded schools.

Bekatorou demands a lot of still needs to be finished. “The #MeToo development proceeds, she told Marie-Claire magazine in a meeting distributed a month ago. It is alive on account of the incredible number of survivors of misuse.