Anthony Hopkins to depict Sigmund Freud

Hollywood entertainer and producer Anthony Hopkins, a double cross Oscar champ, is good to go to depict Sigmund Freud in another undertaking sent off in the Cannes market.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the task, named ‘Freud’s Last Session’, has been shopped in Cannes by WestEnd Films and CAA Media Finance.

It’s being coordinated by Matthew Brown from a content by Mark St Germain that has been adjusted from his play of a similar title.

Set just before WWII and towards the finish of his life, ‘Freud’s Last Session’ sees Freud welcoming notable creator CS Lewis for a discussion over God’s presence.
Investigating Freud’s extraordinary relationship with his lesbian little girl Anna and Lewis’ flighty sentiment with his closest companion’s mom, the film intertwines past, present and dream, erupting from the bounds of Freud’s concentrate on a powerful excursion, the power source detailed.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Freud’s Last Session’ will start recording in the final quarter of 2022 in London.