Anderson explained Broad’s over

Yesterday, Stuart Broad made history once again. Two tail enders Mohammad Siraj and Yashpreet Bumra were on wickets. In such a situation, the shiny new ball was handed over to Broad. Where to show new ball craftsmanship, wanted to blow up the boomerang with the reverse bouncer. The result has been the opposite. Broad set a world record for the most costly overs with 35 runs in four overs and two sixes. He has a record in T20 since 2006.
After such an over, there is a lot of laughter and jokes about Broad. Broad’s two records against India have given the country’s netizens a lot of fun. But what happened to Broad, who was beaten like a boomerang with a bat in his hand? His new ball mate James Anderson tried to explain this at a press conference yesterday.

Broad gave four in the first ball of the over yesterday. After that, Wide has scored 16 runs off 1 ball with four and no balls. As the over progressed, Broad’s bowling figure deteriorated. Anderson’s idea is that something bad happened, ‘these things happen. If any other day, these top edges go hand in hand. And if that was the case, no one would have talked about this over. ‘

Boomerang got the help of luck at the beginning of the over. But the way Broad has bowled since then is indescribable. In the words of commentator Hersha Vogel, Broad is emphasizing the ego without using the head. Many have called it foolish to try to give a bouncer in such a way or to bowl in the round the wicket.

“I think it’s unfortunate,” Anderson told his teammates. There have been many top edges. There were also a few good shots. But Ben (Stokes) tells Brody to play with the plan. Brody obeyed. The other day, when fate was with Stuart, Edge would be in his hands. ‘

Anderson claims that it is sometimes harder to bowl the late batsmen than the original batsmen, ‘Honestly, sometimes it is easier to bowl the top order. I remember a few balls made to Siraj. Tried to send two balls off the field, again the next ball played beautiful forward defense. It is difficult to find rhythm against such a batsman. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. ‘