addicted to marriage credit TLC

An American woman addicted to marriage!

This is exactly what happened in the US state of Utah. The 52-year-old woman is so addicted to marriage that the list of her husband’s names is only growing day by day.

Due to eleven marriages, there are eleven members in the list of husband’s name till now.

  • But he is not happy at all. So he wants to turn the number eleven into twelve very quickly.
  • Asked why he had multiple marriages, he said he quickly fell in love with anyone.

He told the New York Post that extramarital affairs are wrong and sinful.

That is why he is getting married more than once.

Some of her eleven marriages lasted 10 years and some lasted only six months. On the popular TLC reality show in America, he said that there is no need to give up on love.

However, she was divorced from her eleventh husband even after being in the mood.

He wants to get married again to forget this sorrow. But it will take him a long time to forget. Exactly how long can it take to say a lot of time – Monet said in response to the question, two long months!

Although this time seems very short to us, it must have been a long time for Monet, who is married and calls himself Boy Crazy, to say the least.🔱