An actresses of the showbiz world danced after the burqa

Recently, a dance video of Mandana Karimi went viral. It is seen that she is dancing in the shopping mall after wearing the burqa. After that, the actress got angry.

The actress of ‘Bhag Johnny’ went to the shopping mall after wearing hijab and danced. Even an employee of the shop pa-o matched with the actress.

Then he shared the video on his social media. And by posting that video myself, I will face the ridicule of netizens.

Don’t make such jokes about someone’s comment, burqa, hijab. Someone has again called him shameless. In their words, as a Muslim you should be ashamed.

Again someone said, do whatever you want.

No one is stopping you. However, do not do these gestures after the burqa. Someone has taught you a lesson again, think twice before doing this. Another netizen’s straightforward warning, hijab is not a joke.

Iranian Mandana Karimi by birth. However, Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut has become a well-known face by participating in the ‘Lock Up’ reality show.

The audience of the actress-model is not less than the audience of OTT platform, even on social media! However, Mandana has recently fallen into the wrath of the world.

Mandan Karimi recently made a shocking remark about her husband Gaurab in the lock-up room, which was accepted by everyone. In these four years, my ex-husband has been in a relationship with almost all the women I know. ”

Earlier, in the lock-up room, he revealed various unknown facts about his personal life to the audience. Mandana (Mandan Karimi) also said that the police whipped each of her friends 65 times and Mandana was not physically injured due to her injuries.

However, his friends were whipped in front of his eyes. After that Mandana decided to leave Iran for good.