Alphabet’s Parent Company, Google: Gaining Fuel and Profit

The internet is a place where we can find any information we need. But to do so, we have to type it in the search box and hope for the best. Google has been changing this by providing answers before you even know what you’re looking for. In fact, they are now the world’s most popular answer engine! Today I would like to tell you about how Google ads gain fuels profit for parent company Alphabet.

Google’s revenue is mostly derived from advertisements. Advertisements are everywhere around us, on TV, billboards, newspapers and even in risky places like the bathroom stalls. Google has brought that to the internet too through text-based ads which you see in between articles.

But things have changed since then. The world has become much smarter now and Google has to adapt with it. Now, we search for images and videos rather than articles through Google’s image and video search. Since online advertisements are highly restricted by the law, they have introduced a new way of advertising called as Google AdWords . Here ads can be displayed at the top or side of any website that is a part of the Google Partner Network .

This does well for both parties involved as the advertisers gain a wider audience and publishers receive revenue from clicks. In fact, Google gives priority to those websites that have more traffic for this program.

This does not mean that you can just display any ad and receive money. Google works with specific advertisers and their ads are tested beforehand to ensure they meet the minimal requirements set by Google . The advertisements they approve go through a process called as Google Ads approval in order to be displayed.

But, there is no such restriction if you want to advertise on your website with AdWords . The only prerequisite is that the content you want to display ads for should be related to your site’s theme.

If you think this isn’t natural, then you’re right. Google does not need our traffic since they are already big enough to receive hits without us. They do this for their own good and for advertisers. They get paid by advertisers and we get free content to read, like this article.

Articles used in the above example were not real and are purely fictional. This is a part of Search Engine Optimization SEO techniques where content is created for web publishers with the motive to attract more number of visitors through search engines.

Google ads have become a vital source of revenue for Google and its parent company Alphabet . In fact, it is the second most profitable ad service right behind Facebook’s ad service which provides similar kind of advertisement services.