After seizing two US drones in the Red Sea, Iran released them again

Iran’s navy has released two unmanned US drones in the Red Sea after seizing them for several hours. These drones were impounded on the grounds that they pose a threat to maritime security. This is the second such incident in a week. Al-Jazeera reported this information on Iran’s state media.

Iran’s state television reported on Friday that the Iranian Navy’s warship Zamaran intercepted two unmanned drones on Thursday. After alerting the US Navy, they were impounded to avoid any possible accidents. They were released in safe areas after ensuring the safety of international shipping lanes.

The footage shows some members of the Iranian Navy pushing two drones from the deck of their ship towards the sea.

According to Iranian state media, a patrol team of the country’s navy found several drones abandoned in international waters. After being warned twice, two drones were seized to avoid possible accidents. After ensuring the safety of international shipping lanes, the 84 Squadron of the Navy released them in a safe area.

Timothy Hawkins, spokesman for the US Navy’s Middle East-based branch of the Fifth Fleet, admitted to such an incident yesterday in an interview with the US media. However, he refused to give details in this regard.

Earlier on Tuesday, Iran’s paramilitary Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) seized a US drone in the Persian Gulf. According to US officials, the drone was released after a US Navy warship and helicopter arrived at the scene.

Iran targeted the new drone task force of the US Navy’s Middle East-based Fifth Fleet for the first time on Tuesday.