African Union boss to meet Putin on Friday

The top of the African Union, Senegalese President Macky Sall, will talk with President Vladimir Putin in the southwestern Russian city of Sochi on Friday, Dakar said.

The visit is pointed toward “opening up loads of grains and manures, the blockage of which especially influences African nations,” alongside facilitating the Ukraine struggle, Sall’s office said on Thursday.

The visit was coordinated after a greeting by Putin, and Sall will go with the leader of the African Union Commission, his office added.
The AU will likewise get a video address from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, however no date has been set.

The conflict in Ukraine has sent the expense of fuel, grain and composts soaring all over the planet, which is intensely felt in African countries.

Both Ukraine and Russia are significant providers of wheat and different grains to Africa, while Russia is a critical maker of manure.
The UN said last month Africa faces an “phenomenal” emergency brought about by the conflict, intensifying troubles confronting the mainland, from environmental change to the Covid pandemic.

Recently, Sall made an allure for European Union pioneers to assist with facilitating the emergency on key products.

He said their choice to remove Russian banks from the SWIFT monetary informing framework could hurt food supplies to the mainland.

“At the point when the SWIFT framework is disturbed, it implies that regardless of whether the items exist, installment becomes convoluted, in the event that certainly feasible,” Sall said by means of video-connect.

“I might want to demand that this issue be analyzed at the earliest opportunity by our capable pastors to track down proper arrangements,” he added.

Sall recognized that Russia’s bar of Odessa had hurt Ukrainian food commodities, and he upheld UN-drove endeavors to free the port.

Russia has gone under a flood of approvals from the West following the February 24 attack of Ukraine, in a bid to rebuff Moscow for the tactical mediation.