Activity Searchlight: Genocide released on Bangalis in East Pakistan

The Pakistani fighters emerged from the cantonment at 11:30pm, sent off unpredictable assault on the exhibiting Bangalis in the Farmgate region, and along these lines started the Operation Searchlight

Activity Searchlight was set to be sent off at 1pm on March 26, yet Awami League President Sheik Mujibur Rahman’s decree of freedom the earlier night incited the Pakistani military junta to begin its very much planned slaughter 13 hours in front of the timetable, with the goal that the Bangalis couldn’t set up serious areas of strength for a.

As per a White Paper distributed on August 5, 1971 by the Pakistan government, the Awami League had an arrangement to organize a furnished transformation almost immediately March 26.

Maj Gen Khadim Hossain Raja, General Officer Commanding of fourteenth Division and Maj Gen Rao Farman Ali Khan, GOC of 57th Division came to a choice on February 22, 1971 with respect to the military campaign named “Activity Searchlight.”
Compelled of the Chief of Staff Gen Abdul Hamid Khan on March 17, Khadim Raja concluded the arrangement of the activity. Rao Forman Ali arranged the five-page activity plan.

For its execution, Hamid, AO Miththi and Col Sadullah visited various cantonments by helicopter on March 24-25. To make the activity a triumph, two confided in officials of the tactical tyrant Yahya Khan – Miththi and Maj Gen Iftekhar Janjua – were gathered to Dhaka.