Abdul Alim’s song is getting spoiled in Pakistan

Personally, I am not able to recover the songs even though I tried a lot,’ Abdul Alim’s daughter Nurjahan Alim was saying regretfully.

Folk musician Abdul Alim used to sing regularly on Karachi Radio and Pakistan Television (PTV) in the sixties. He

September 5 was Abdul Alim’s 48th death anniversary. On this day, his daughter Nurjahan Alim told Prothom Alo, “The songs are very old.” Karachi Radio still has 20 to 25 songs. Some of these have been destroyed. Abdul Alim’s songs are the wealth of Bangladesh. We have left the wealth of the country in other countries! His songs should be brought back and preserved.’

The songs were given on Bangladesh Radio. But Alimkanya complained that they were lost.
Bangladesh Betar Additional Director General (Events) Nasrullah Md.The official could not give any answer to the question about missing songs brought from Pakistan.

Most songs are unlikely to have any other copies. As a result, the songs cannot be retrieved unless the Karachi archive spools are found. Older spools are prone to deterioration if not stored at the specified temperature. The family members expressed apprehension about how carefully Abdul Alim’s Bengali songs are being preserved in the Karachi archive. According to Noorjahan Alim, we cannot bring it personally. The environment in Pakistan is not good now, no one wants to take the risk of bringing the songs.
Ruhul Alam Siddiqui, the High Commissioner of Bangladesh appointed to Pakistan, told Prothom Alo, “I heard the matter from you for the first time. None of the family members have contacted us.
Abdul Aleem’s song ‘Parer Pati Pari Zamin’ was used in a Pakistani serial a few years back.
This immortal artist of folk music made his name by singing at a young age. His first record came out at the age of 13. It had two songs – ‘Tor Mostafake De Na Mago’ and ‘Aftab Ali Basal Pathe’.