A year to lose Messi

Lionel Messi moved to Camp Nou in a tissue paper bargain. The resulting history is known to all. The Catalans have brought back an endless flow of titles with his hands. Be that as it may, because of the errors of previous club president Josep Maria Bartomeu, the obligation ridden club had to express farewell to the best footballer in its set of experiences at Camp Nou. On August 5 last year, Messi needed to break his 21-year relationship with Barca by cleaning his tear-drenched eyes with tissue paper.

On August 5, 2021, Lionel Messi, the best footballer throughout the entire existence of Barcelona, at the Camp Nou public interview. After many reports, fans were at last confident, the Argentine star was marking another agreement with the club. Be that as it may, shockingly, Messi seemed to bid farewell. Because of Corona, Messi didn’t show up before the fans and bid farewell. The fresh insight about the 21-extended relationship with the club must be accounted for inside four walls.

At the hour of goodbye, Messi told the allies in a sorrowful voice, ‘This is the most troublesome snapshot of my profession. At the point when they let me know that agreement recharging was unrealistic, I froze. I’m exceptionally grieved, I didn’t anticipate this.’

He added: ‘I attempted to remain, the club and the club president attempted, we did everything, but since of a La Liga rule we were unable to go any further. I said that I would have rather not remained endured year, I likewise said that I needed to remain this time.’

had to pass on Barca because of La Liga’s ‘Monetary Fair Play’ rules. The obligation troubled by the mix-up of the previous president Bartomeu, the club couldn’t restore the agreement with Messi subsequent to defying this guideline. In any case, the star additionally communicated his craving to decrease his compensation by half to remain with the club.

At that point, Barcelona’s site said in a proclamation, “After Messi communicated his craving to remain in the group and the two players affirmed the marking of another agreement, it is unimaginable because of the La Liga players’ enrollment regulation.” In such a circumstance, Messi is no longer with the club. The two players lament to illuminate that Messi’s craving to play at the club isn’t being satisfied.’

Messi then said, ‘I never figured I would need to leave like this. I will recollect everybody here. Nothing can come even close to the affection I arrived. I didn’t have my crowd at the goodbye, it was agonizing for me, I needed to express farewell to individuals at the entire Nou Camp.’

Messi left Camp Nou and joined French club PSG on a free exchange charge. Where he is winding around new dreams. The Argentine star, who brought home 4 Champions League championships with Barca, presently maintains that PSG should come out on top for the championship of Europe’s best club contest.