11 Strategies Your Rocket Might Use to Get To Mars

The Mars One project has just announced that it will be sending four humans, and only four humans, to Mars in 2022. This means that there is a lot of work to do before the first manned mission can launch off this planet. The Dutch company behind the plan says they are working on developing rocket fuel using microbes found on Mars soil. This article discusses how SpaceX might use microbes for their own rockets to get people back home from space flight. The article also discusses the recent announcement and what it means for the future of space travel, and if we will ever see Martian asphalt.

Mars One: The Netherlands-based company which wants to colonize the red planet has high ambitions to try and get there with humans by 2022. They want to do this by sending a series of rovers, which will mine the surface of Mars for resources. To haul cargo, they plan to use a space shuttle, which will take people and equipment back and forth from the planet. The problem with this ambitious project is that no human has ever traveled beyond low Earth orbit, meaning this would be a huge accomplishment if they succeed. For now it’s all a hopeful theory, and it is set to be a ways out if their plans are going to come true. As of right now, they have no rocket fuel being developed on Mars, which means that this problem must be solved before anything can take off.

This is where SpaceX comes in. Elon Musk’s company has expressed its desire to put human colonies on Mars in the future. They are currently building the biggest rocket ever made, which they call Falcon Heavy. This craft will use 27 engines to deliver 120,000 pounds of thrust into orbit – just enough for a load of people and equipment. The company has done some preliminary work involving microbes inside fuel cells, but nothing beyond that. SpaceX has not said that they want to try and use microbes for space travel, but it seems like the logical choice. The company will hopefully start hashing out this plan in the future, given their own desire to colonize Mars.

Mars One has been working with many partners to make their plan a reality. SpaceX is one of those partners, as they plan to use SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket during one of their future missions. As for the life support systems, they are working with Paragon Space Development Corporation to create greenhouses for growing food. For now, things seem to be coming together slowly but surely, given the technology available. One of the most important pieces that will bring everything together is the methane-based fuel. This is because it will be the only way to return from Mars once people reach their destination. When this goal is reached, there are still numerous hurdles, including whether or not anyone can survive on this planet for an extended period of time. Many doubt that these people will ever make it back to Earth after colonizing Mars. Until the fuel is made, or a way to make it is discovered, nothing can happen as far as getting people up there. Engineers will continue to work on it until something moves forward.