11 States File Suit Against Biden’s Business Vaccine Mandate

The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden has come out with a new plan to reduce the number of vaccine-preventable diseases. This plan would force all private employers and schools in America to require their employees and students be vaccinated against certain illnesses. However, not everyone is on board with this idea. 11 states have filed suit against Biden’s business vaccine mandate.

A civil liberties union known as the Liberty Coalition is actively fighting against this proposed mandate. They are doing so by informing people that vaccines have not been subject to normal FDA testing protocols. Because of this, it is impossible for scientists to know what effects certain vaccines may have on children who receive them. This puts every child in America at risk, because even though they may be getting a vaccine shot to prevent a disease, it could potentially increase their chances of getting a more dangerous ailment at a later time in life.

The Union also states that vaccinations have not been proven to work 100% of the time for everyone who gets them. There are plenty of cases where people who get vaccinated still end up getting the disease they are being vaccinated for.

As of right now, the only way anyone can be exempt from receiving vaccinations is if they have a medical or religious reason for doing so. However, there are still people who choose not to vaccinate their children because most vaccines contain high amounts of toxic mercury. Many scientists believe mercury poisoning has caused an increase in autism and other health problems all over the world.

Even though there is no proof that vaccinations contain mercury, many people do not take this risk and withhold their children from receiving vaccines to protect them from future health issues. This has caused a lot of controversy as to whether or not such a mandate should be put into place.

It is believed that the Liberty Coalition will continue to fight against this proposed legislation until it is either thrown out, or they are victorious in their cause. It will be interesting to see how far Biden’s mandate goes before being stopped by these opposing groups.

What are your views on this issue? Do you think all Americans should be forced to take vaccinations in order to help protect the public from these preventable diseases, or do you believe citizens have a right to make their own medical decisions without being forced into it by the government?

I am against vaccinations with mercury it is dangerous for our children that already have autism now what are we supposed to do I think not take this chance of having another child be born autistic so it’s no longer my problem go ahead and ban these vaccines because they are dangerous to our children and who will look out for us how are the vaccinations doing I think you should all read up on it. If there is mercury in them then say no more vaccines. You can not poison people into being healthy they have mercury in these vaccinations what are they thinking that is just stupid that’s what I say no more my child is not going to be vaccinated and no one will make me do anything like that I would rather keep my child safe and protected and healthy that’s all.